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In a Baby Minute: 8 Funny Videos of Toddlers in Trouble

Little kids are cute, curious, and creative, but they can also cause their fair share of chaos, sometimes making Mom and Dad want to throw in the towel.

Kids not only say the darndest things … they do them, too. Sometimes, the situation gets to a point where you just have to laugh. We found dozens of hilarious (yet very relatable) videos of little ones making big messes. Here are eight of our absolute favorites.

1. The Peanut-Buttered Little Brother

It’s adorable when big sisters and little brothers find ways to bond, right? One little girl and her baby bro got into the cupboard and invented a new form of skin therapy with a jar of peanut butter. The good-natured mom in this classic viral video was able to laugh off what was certainly a huge cleanup project.

2. The Diaper Cream Hairdo

This little guy is a big brother adjusting to a baby in the house. Newborns can keep moms awfully busy, which leaves time for slightly older kids to explore items stored in the diaper-changing table. As his mom explains on YouTube …

“I thought he was quietly playing cars in his room … little did I know he was getting into the Desitin cream in his little brother’s room. Note to self, never ever leave the diaper cream in arm’s reach again!”

There’s not a single sign of guilt or regret on his face as he proudly shows his mommy how he got into trouble. It seems like he’s honestly trying to understand what he did wrong.

3. Brotherly Body Paint

Unlike the boy in the last video, these two kids know they’re in trouble. You can see it in those sullen expressions, hear it in their hesitation, and feel the tension in the room. Of course, their dad is acting mad while trying his best to hold in the laughter, then he finally loses it at about 2:20 into the video.

4. The Cupcake Denier

Give this kid some credit for keeping a straight face while straight up lying to his dad on camera. Too bad the other “thing” on his face was hard evidence in the form of bright blue cupcake frosting.

Still … we think young Jack should consider a career in politics.

5. Caught Red-Handed

We’re not sure what the red stuff is all over that little girl … and the carpet. However, we’re betting it’s going to stain. Hopefully, this mom stopped taping and got some seltzer water and baking soda ASAP.

Apparently, little Katie snuck out of her bed at naptime, went to the playroom, and decided to do a little redecorating. Vibrant reds are in this season!

6. Barbie Made Me Do It

Honestly, it’s not always your kid’s fault. Sometimes their favorite toys force their hand and messy things happen.

This little girl explains to her father that her Barbie doll told her hundreds of time that she wanted to be painted with blue nail polish. The kid tried and tried to explain that it was a bad idea, but you know how Barbie can be.

After watching the original, don’t miss the reenactment from comedic actress Nicole Blume.

7. Chef Spike

Mom leaves the room for a couple of minutes, and her son decides to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. As she explains, “When Spike is too quiet, this is what you find.”

Every parent can relate to that! Sometimes you crave just a few moments of peace. Yet, you know the silence means mischief is likely underway. Make sure you watch this one until for at least 50 seconds to get an extra surprise.

8. Bath Time for Ollie and Oscar

Besides the potential splashing, bath time can give parents a little bit of a break. This British mom was filling the tub and went to find some bath toys. When she returned, she found brothers, Ollie and Oscar, covered in white cream.

Luckily, the bathwater was just about ready. However, it apparently took six baths to get these brothers cleaned up.

Sometimes It’s Not So Funny

These videos serve as a reminder of just how quickly young children can find trouble. It took mere minutes for hilarious disasters to take place.

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